Get the big picture for the best coverage.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) coverage is very important for commercial UAV uses. There is virtually no substitute for the best insurance policy for you specific UAV mission.

And that’s where Highland Aviation Insurance Services shines. We are pioneers in providing UAV insurance policies. We do this by constantly monitoring the ever changing FAA regulations regarding UAVs and partnering with UAV providers to have up to the minute knowledge of the various UAV manufacturers and their models.

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We know what insurers are looking for. Here is a typical question set:


     What type of areas will you be filming? Are they densely populated or over large crowds?


     What procedures do you have to avoid people or property while operating?


     Do you want physical damage coverage on the unit? If so, how much?


     Do you want to insure the payload or ground equipment?


     Who will be operating the drone? What are their qualifications (i.e. hours of UAV time, hours of other aircraft time, formal training)?

If you are even just thinking of commercial UAV use, contacting Highland Aviation now could save you a lot of time and money by helping you narrow down the list of UAVs that meet your mission needs.

And these needs can range from a wide range applications. Highland Aviation provides coverage for:


     UAV Missions


     Agriculture, Forestry & Ocean Management


     Communications Relays


     Disaster Recovery Management


     Ground Site Monitoring & Management


     Law Enforcement


     Television, Movie and Sports Entertainment